About Jahed Bazargan Pishro

You give your trust to the company. Hundreds of companies and organizations that are parties to the contract well reflect the quality of its products and power.

Jahed Bazargan Pishro Company (Private Held) in line with the goals and economic policies of its shareholders by creating profitable economic activities, In other economic fields in history 2007/10/04 It was established and registered under number 300442 in the Companies Registration and Industrial Property Office of Tehran. The main shareholder of the company is the pension fund of the Islamic Republic Broadcasting Organization. Jahed Bazargan Pishro Company, with more than 14 years of activity in the field of importing various grains, nuts, paper, meat, and rubber, etc...... Exports of saffron, fruits including cherries and sour cherries to most European and Asian countries have played a prominent role. In 2007, Jahed Bazargan Company became the leading holding company. And ( pishgaman kasb va kar Arta Novin Company)To start its activity in the field of purchasing and domestic sales in a completely "specialized" way