Boared Of Directors And Sttaf Company


Board members

Representative of legal entities

organization level

Employees' Pension Fund of the Islamic Republic Broadcasting Organization

On behalf of Mr. Parviz Tavassoli

Chairman of the Board

Soroush Media Company

On behalf of Mr. Abdul Hamid Khari

Board member and CEO

Soroush Audio and Video Products Manufacturing Company

On behalf of Mr. Ebrahim Sepehri

Vice Chairman of the Board

Pars Ayandeh Civil Investment Company

On behalf of Mr. Mohammad Ali Bijani Kia

Board of Directors

Travel and Tourism Services Company of Sima Parvaz Jam Jam

On behalf of Mr. Ghafoor Daraei

Board of Directors


Introducing company managers


1- Managing director and main member of the board of directors. Dear Mr. Abdul Hamid Khari

2- Administrative and Financial Deputy and Vice Chairman of the Board. Dear Dr. Ebrahim Sepehri

3- Finance and Administration Manager . Dear Mr Enginner Mohammad Reza Amiri

4- Business Manager. Dear Mr Engineer Ismail Mofidi                        

5- Marketing manager. Dear Mr Engineer Mohsen Fa'alian                              

6- Head of Internal Audit and Program Manager. Dear Dr. Reza Mohammadi         

All managers serve within the framework of job descriptions. And in general, except for the CEO, all managers are working under the supervision of the administrative and financial deputy of the company.