Future Plans

Short-term goals                                                       

Trading Company, Jahed Bazargan Leading in order to achieve its short-term goals in development and trade, scientific and technological, industrial and economic cooperation at home and long-term goals for trans-regional cooperation between Central Asia and the MiddleEast on the one hand and the Pacific region on the other. On the other hand, it has planned and acted. In addition to following the principles o international trade and adhering  to the rules and regulations of each country's trade, the company is required to act in accordance

with the principle of customer orientation in maintaining customer secrets and providing services.Based on these principles, the goals and visions of this company are summarized as follows.                                                                      

Long term purposes                                                  

Providing the best services for Iranian businessmen, industrialists and professionals for more effective and efficient communication in achieving the set goals, reducing time, costs and risk of entering the target market.

Consulting to create and facilitate access to information and economic conditions and success, target market business, use of local facilities for international companies .

Employing experienced and educated personnel, accessing and using the facilities of each commercial and economic area, cooperating with consulting and legal companies that provide win-win conditions for customers and their satisfaction.