Strategy And Policy And Goals


Our strategy is the internationalization of the market, business diversification, development

and industrialization of foreign trade both in terms of imports and exports.Our ultimate  goal

is to serve our dear traders, domestic producers, importers and exporters to develop our        

international trade and industry. We hope to achieve our goals in this way with the redoubled                         

efforts of specialized forces.      

Policy  And  Goals

  • Increase the level of customer satisfaction and strengthen bilateral communication
  • Exports and currency for the country due to its proximity to the open waters of the Persian Gulf.
  • Helping the development of the country through the export of goods from different
  • phases, including grains, nuts, saffron and other domestic goods internal                 
  • Access to all customers in most parts of the country and product supply with maximum market demand     
  • Penetration into new domestic and global markets and better and more flexible sales conditions