company's activities

The main topics of the company's activities are :        

1- Import of basic goods needed by the general public .               

2- Market regulation inside through imports .                            

 3- Purchases required for affiliated companies.                              

4- Export of domestic product to Asia and Europe .                         

5- Invest in stocks and other companies and stock exchanges.     

 Jahed Bazargan pishro Company has had a business card since its establishment and supplies its imports directly from Asian and European countries and some "from the countries of the Americas (South America) and (Brazil and Venezuela) and sells them for domestic use.

It has also provided an effective step to prevent the increase and growth of market regulation .                                  

within Iran.                                                       

In addition, affiliated companies such as Saz Man, Radio and Television of the Islamic Republic of Iran and subsidiaries are other customers of this company . The main export of this company abroad is saffron with Neta brand. Which has accelerated in recent years and most of the countries bordering the Persian Gulf and Asian and European countries are customers of this red gold of our company with the mentioned brand. I would like to add that the company has also made investing in the stock market a priority in recent years. To provide balance for the company in all areas of profitability.